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NBAD @ Surfer Card

Features and Benefits

  • NBAD @ Surfer card is an Internet Payment Card.
  • NBAD @ Surfer card is a MasterCard.
  • It is issued without any physical Plastic or tangible card.
  • Credit free period 50 days
  • Virtual account information will be provided through a letter which will
    bear a card image on which information, such as cardholder name, card number, expiry date etc., which is needed to perform the transaction for internet shopping.
  • The NBAD @ surfer comes with its own online account management
    this is offered free to customers through our nbadOnline Internet Banking access, where all account queries like transaction details, statement, payment due amount and date inquires, etc... can be facilitated over the internet.

There are two types of NBAD @surfer card:

Credit Cards: Limit can be min AED500/-

  • Interest rate 2% for NBAD customer.
  • Interest rate 2.25% for non-NBAD customer.
  • Annual fee if Non-NBAD credit card holder AED 50.
  • Annual fee if NBAD credit card holder AED 25.
  • Late Payment fee AED 150.
Prepaid card: Min amount AED1000/- can be reloaded easily at any branch or from your account  to the card through nbadonline


  • If his surfer Credit card limit is over he cannot transfer from V/M credit card limit to @ surfer credit card.
    - If the customer is applying for the first time for @ surfer credit card and if he already has V/M Credit card, he can request in writing to transfer some of the limit from his V/M Credit card to @ surfer credit card. Hence his V/M credit card limit will be less by that amount.
  • V/M Credit or Platinum Credit card has 50K limit.
  • Customer request 2K to be transferred to his @ surfer credit card.
  • So the customer's limit on V/M Credit or Platinum Credit card will be 48K and will be 2K on @ surfer credit card. - FREE nbadOnline Internet Banking access, view transactions statements to payment amount and due date over the internet.

*Rates / terms are subject to change from time to time

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